An important part of EarthSong culture is trying our very best to make WitchCamp affordable. We understand that it can be difficult to afford a week long event and so each year we aim to offer scholarships to those who may not be able to attend without assistance. The identity of scholarship holders is confidential.

Our Land is a big wide Land, and our Community is spread wide. In recognition of this, some scholarships will be availalbe to those who have long distances to travel. EarthSong is also open to requests for scholarships for people who otherwise couldn't afford to come. 


This year we are offering nine scholarships worth $200 each. Scholarship are given out following approval by the EarthSong organising collective. The recipients will be decided by the collective based on criteria of financial hardship, the tyranny of distance and involvement in your local Reclaiming Community.  Allocation of scholarships will be considered by 1st May 2018. Scholarship places may be available after this date depending on how many applications are received.  There will be no reciprocal expectation placed upon these scholarship recipients.

In 2018, two additional full scholarships are available for campers who fit specific criteria.

The Organiser Scholarship will be provided to an organiser of another reclaiming WitchCamp, from anywhere in the world! This scholarship recipient will be part of the organising affinity group, which means meeting with the other organisers during camp when the affinity groups are meeting. The intention of this scholarship is cross pollination of organiser ideas and culture.

The Activist Scholarship

Earthsong WitchCamp is offering a full Activist Scholarship for 2018. This Scholarship will be offered to someone active in their community who is involved in, but not limited to, the areas of indigenous, environment, LGBTI, local or national issues. The person selected would not have attended a WitchCamp previously and in exchange for their attendance would be prepared to offer an Optional Offering at camp to showcase their Activist work.

A letter of reference from your organisation or community is required to support your application


Concession pricing

We also offer concession prices to those who requires it.

Finally, we have amended our pricing structure to allow people to purchase tickets at different values. The three available ticket prices are Crew ($640/$590 concession) Early Witch ($720/$640 concession) and Regular Witch ($790/$690 concession).

These ticket prices are all available immediately. 

The actual cost per camper is $810 and we are proud that our pricing structure allows campers to attend EarthSong for less than this.

Crew tickets are available for campers who are willing to undertake specific tasks for up to 30 minutes each day of camp. These tasks include fire tending, water bearing (filling up the urn and turning on the hot water for bathing), changing candles on the altars, looking after the fancy dress (funk trunk) clothing or providing us with music or other art. 

Please refer to our pricing page for further information about the pricing structure for Earthsong 2016.

Please direct any questions to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

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